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Here’s some cool new up-and-coming technology that you could use while RVing – it’s called a BioLite CampStove and it is great for the environment! When you use a BioLite CampStove, you consume 50% less wood than you would in an open fire, as well as a 95% smoke reduction and almost complete elimination of black carbon, which is great for your health, as well as the environment’s health. It also produces 91% less carbon monoxide. The coolest thing about the BioLite stove, however, is that it can charge electronics from the energy generated from the fire!

So how does this work? Well, the BioLite CampStove has a small internal fan. This creates airflow. Along with the fuel chamber, it creates a super efficient fire with improved combustion. Also, the heat generated by the fire is converted to electricity. This is done in their Power Module. Not only does the electrivity automatically recharge the lithium ion battery powering their fan, but the surplus electricity powers a usb outlet, which allows you to charge some of your electronics! The BioLite website has a PDF list of compatible electronics that can be charged with the stove – you can find that list here:

The CampStove is designed to work for years if it is cleaned and maintained properly. According to their website, the first will charge the lithium ion battery for thousands of cycles of use.

To start your fire, it is important to use dry wood. The makers of CampStove recommend using a firelighter (they even give you some when you buy a CampStove!) After filling the CampStove with twigs, light the firelighter on one end, then place the firelighter in the fuel champer. Wait ten seconds, then push the power button. The CampStove’s fan will then be set to “LO” and the flow of oxygen will begin. There is a probe in the CampStove that senses heat and will turn up the fan as necessary automatically. Cool stuff, huh? To find out more, check out their instructional video here –

Enjoy, and happy camping!

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