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Whether you are travelling in your vehicle, pulling an RV, or driving a motor home, any road trip should always have pre-trip qualifications. These should be especially critical when you are driving your RV: your home on the road. Below we have a short checklist of some things to consider next time you get on the road.

  • Tire Pressure
    Next time you head out, take a walk around your RV and test that all of the tires are inflated to the required amount.  Also rotating the tires just as you do with your regular vehicle is suggested.
  • Brakes
    Make sure your vehicle’s axles are in good shape:  an easy way to do this is to pack your bearings and check them at least once a year.
  • The Battery
    Make sure your battery is charged. Don’t forget to top off its water at least once a month. When your RV is not in use, it’s also a good idea to disconnect its battery.
  • RV Fluids
    Check RV fluids regularly to help keep the mechanics working. Check the oil, coolant, windshield fluid, and the others in the rig. Also, it’s a good idea to run your vehicle’s generator and motor periodically to help keep it running as well as possible.
  • Awning
    Everybody enjoys sitting outside and underneath their RV’s awning. Make sure you check it for rips and tears while you are out there!
  • Roof
    Clean your vehicle’s roof off several times a year.  It’s the main area for leaks and inspecting it and correcting any is important.
  • Tanks
    It’s very important to drain your hot water heater and fresh water tank throughout the year; it helps to prevent water from becoming old and a retreat for bacteria.

A simple at-home check-up of your RV will help you spend time enjoying your vacations instead of spending time, and big bucks, in a repair shop!

Here are some other websites to visit that have to-go checklists:




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