Winter 2023 Update

It’s always an adventure at Styx River Resort. The year 2024 is just around the corner and it will be like no other. Whether you are planning to travel the world, start a new project, or explore new roads, we will be here for it all.

With the smell of campfires, and marshmallows that got a little too close, members are enjoying this relaxing season. Fathers are sharing their best scary stories while the kids are pretending that they haven’t heard it before. Memories are in the making.

Over the last year, we have made many updates and renovations to the resort. Our staff worked hard to get lights strung above our putt-putt golf area to increase the time for fun. We have painted both the floor of the pavilion and the wall around the indoor pool. We are also in the process of having all cabins remodeled and updated. We will continue to work on all our cabins as well as begin to have our sites leveled up, removing trees and stumps, begin to remodel and update our bathhouses, and add a new building for laundry facilities.

We are so excited for what 2024 will bring! As always, we are always working hard to have some exciting events to give our members and guests great memories and to allow our staff the opportunity to get to know everyone as well. Keep a look out for our monthly Activities Calendar for your favorite activity.

We want to help you in getting as many fun memories as you can throughout the year! We hope to see you all soon and bring in the spring season together! We will continue to strive to make our resort the best place for our members to be and look forward to the 2024 year with you all!

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